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Join friends and neighbors in the Mid-Atlantic Region as we work together with people from across the nation and around the globe to create a truly sustainable world for all.  
We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.    Welcome to MASES!

MASES is a regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.

   100% Renewable Energy for the     Mid-Atlantic Region & Beyond

plus MASES's Annual Membership Meeting


Sunday, January 21st, 2018, 2pm

Arlington Virginia Central Library Autitorium



Calling All People who Love Planet Earth ...


Join friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to explore how we can achieve 100% Renewable Energy for the Mid Atlantic Region and Beyond -- a presentation by the non-profit Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Society (MASES), the regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (  


We also invite you to participate in MASES's Annual Membership Meeting (also open to the public), during which we will further our plans to convert our local communities to run on 100% clean, safe, renewable energy... before it's too late.  


  Free Program

1:30 pm  Doors Opens (light refreshments available) 


2:00 pm  "100% Renewable Energy for the Mid-Atlantic Region & Beyond"


3:15 pm   Break (with refreshments)


3:30 pm   MASES Annual Meeting (Open to the public)


~ 4:30 pm   Networking & Light Refreshments

The meeting is expected to end around 4:30pm, but we will stay around to help answer all your questions about Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Passive Solar Design, Zero-Net-Energy Homes, Buildings & Transportation Systems, and broader measures of Sustainability until about 5:30pm.  

Hope you enjoyed the DC Solar Tour!


Stay tuned for info on next year's tours. 




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 The 46th Annual National Solar Conference was a sellout hit!

We'll do it again next summer... Stay tuned for more info.


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Solar Internships Now Available.  Apply today!


Want to help convert our world to run on 100% Clean, Renewable Energy?  


If you're passionate about mitigating adverse climate change and want to bring your current skills to this task while also learning new ones, we welcome you to join us for a season of learning and adventure.  


As always, Apply Early for best choice of assignments. 

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Never doubt what a small group of

dedicated people can do.

MASES is a regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. 

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