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The following Terms and Conditions apply to all Participants of the Solar Tour (or "Tour") including, but not limited to: all Tour Hosts, Tour Guest, Tour Website Visitors and Users of other Tour information.  Participation in the Tour or any use of any Tour website or Tour materials or information shall constitute acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.


1.  Wavier of Liability:  All Tour Participants shall hold harmless all Tour Organizers, Tour Hosts and Tour Volunteers for any damages, injures or other losses that might result from participation in the Tour, or from using any of the Tour resources or any information contained therein, or for any other aspect of the Tour.   


2.  Prohibition against Unauthorized Commercial Activities:  No Tour Participant shall engage in any commercial activity without prior written authorization, both from Tour Organizers and from the Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Society, Inc.  Please kindly note that the Tour is intended to facilitate valuable science-based, brand-agnostic, peer-to-peer (or neighbor-to-neighbor) communications about solar energy, energy efficiency and broader measures of sustainability -- all without any unwanted commercial sales pressures.  All Tour Participants are kindly requested to both respect and nurture the educational nature of the Tour.  (Individuals or organizations with commercial interests are encouraged to help sponsor the Tour, for which additional sponsorship information can be found at


3.  Prohibition against Unauthorized Political Activities:  As a 501(c)(3) public charity as determined by the IRS, neither the Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Society or any of its programs, or any of their Participants shall engage in any political activities either during or in connection with the Tour without prior written authorization, both from Tour Organizers and from the Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Society, Inc. 


4.  Acceptance/Rejection of Applications to have a Home or Building on the Tour:  To allow Tour Organizers to properly manage both the size and quality of the Tour, all Tour Applicants agree that MASES along with other Tour Organizers reserve the exclusive right to accept or reject any home, building or other proposed site for inclusion on the Tour, at their own discretion, with or without cause.  Thanks for your understanding as Tour Organizers work to make the Tour better each and every year.


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