100% Renewables for Virginia and our World

  • October 26, 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • City of Richmond East District Center, 701 N. 25th St, Richmond, VA 23223


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FREE Presentation & Community Discussion

--- Open to the Public ---



100% Renewable Energy

for Virginia and our World



Calling All People who Love Planet Earth ...


Join friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to explore how we can achieve 100% Renewable Energy for Virginia and our World -- a presentation by the non-profit Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Society (, the regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (  


We also invite you to participate in a community disussion and informal networking, during which we will further our collective plans to convert our local communities to run on 100% clean, safe, renewable energy... before it's too late.  


  Free Program Agenda

6:00 pm  Doors Opens (light refreshments available) 


6:30 pm  "100% Renewable Energy for Virginia and our World"


                              Topics to include:            

  • Solar Energy…and the BEST ways to "Go Solar"
  • Radically Increasing your home’s Energy Efficiency

  • Reducing Waste in Everything we do, Everywhere we go

  • Switching to Electric Vehicles & Walkable Communities 
  • Greatly Enhancing the "Resiliency" of our Communities
  • Making a Personal Plan to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Choosing to Become a "Great Steward" of Planet Earth!
  • PLUS…Saving your hard-earned money in the process!!                                   

7:30 pm  Discussion, Networking & Light Refreshments

The meeting is expected to end around 8pm, but we will stay around to help answer all your questions about Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Passive Solar Design, Zero-Net-Energy Homes, Buildings & Transportation Systems, and broader measures of Sustainability until about 8:30pm. 


The program is presented by the Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Society (, the regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (  Our mission is to help enable the transition to 100% clean, safe, renewable energy so as to provide a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future for all.  Both MASES and ASES are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. 


Tax-deductible Donations are Most Appreciated!




MASES is a regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. 

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